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We are experts in various materials and advanced vacuum forming, thermoforming and polyurethane molding methods, with decades of experience. We operate like our customers, in accordance with quality standards and sustainable development values, improving our operations on an ongoing basis.

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We serve the manufacturing industry in the production of molded subassemblies. Many of our customers are market leaders thanks to their superior products. The results of our close collaboration are reflected in our customers’ end products and people’s daily lives all over the world.

  • Molded solutions for the finishing touches. External parts of the vehicles, such as roof parts, rear wheel fenders and various cladding parts.

  • We have decades of experience in the delivery of applications for the medical and healthcare industries. We manufacture molded components for hospital beds and medical devices, such as imaging devices, among other things.

  • We make stylish, sound-absorbing and acoustically advanced solutions for the furniture and interior design industry.

  • Structurally advanced composite applications with superior properties for the needs of the aviation, defense and security industries. The applications include naval equipment and research and measurement equipment.

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VOLAR on land, sea and air for decades

The same special expertise with which we made the world’s best gliders in the 1970s is used today to make individual components and subassemblies for a range of industries.

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