Thermoforming of plastic, vacuum forming

Forming of thermoplastic sheet with a mold, heat or vacuum. We manufacture precise parts from various materials. Our service covers the entire process from manufacturability consulting to the actual solution to meet the need.

Our thermoforming service is suited to manufacturers that need the freedom of molding, quick turnaround of product development, cost-efficiency for small and medium-sized batches, recyclability and flexibility. Vacuum forming enables the manufacture of products involving a high level of assembly, making the customer’s own process more efficient.

Quick and efficient equipment

Our equipment is heated by halogens, making them environmentally friendly and efficient. They heat the plastic sheets with less energy and more quickly than traditional thermoforming equipment. Post-processing is carried out in all work cells by robots. We manufacture precise parts from various materials: HDPE, ABS and PS.

Best materials

We only use the best materials in the industry obtained from suppliers with quality certificates. We also have the option of using recycled or recyclable materials.

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