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Our clientele consists of industrial businesses in aviation, the automotive industry and interior design, among others. Our special expertise can be seen and felt in the end products of our customers and in the daily lives of people around the world. However, we are not limited to these industries. Thanks to the technologies we have at our disposal, we can make parts for practically any industry.

  • Structurally advanced composite applications with superior properties for the needs of the aviation, defense and security industries. The applications include naval equipment and research and measurement equipment.

  • We have decades of experience in the delivery of applications for the medical and healthcare industries. We manufacture molded components for hospital beds and medical devices, such as imaging devices, among other things.

  • We make stylish, sound-absorbing and acoustically advanced solutions for the furniture and interior design industry.

  • Molded solutions for the finishing touches. External parts of the vehicles, such as roof parts, rear wheel fenders and various cladding parts.

Aviation industry

The aviation industry is wide-ranging, and the technological requirements are very high. Volar’s long experience of the aviation industry gives us an excellent understanding of these needs. We have solid experience and understanding of the stringent requirements in the industry.

The special expertise of our composite department enables the production of high-quality and precise parts for the needs of the aviation industry. We have a deep understanding of how to meet the safety and performance requirements and we know the properties and potential of materials used. With high-quality materials, we can ensure excellent performance and long life for parts used in the harshest of environments.

With our agile manufacturing methods, we will not shy away from any challenging and unique projects.

Health technology

Health technology is a rapidly developing field. The conditions of hospitals and research institutions set high demands on both quality and material properties.

Volar is a longstanding partner of many companies in the health technology fields. We have supplied parts for hospital furniture, cleanroom cabinets and a variety of diagnostic equipment. Our precise manufacturing process ensures that the products are reliable and safe.

​We are well practiced in meeting high quality requirements in terms of durability, resistance to chemicals and temperature, and our solid understanding of the properties of various materials will help us find the ideal solution to your needs.

Interior design industry 

The interior design industry is versatile, with changing needs and trends. Despite the dynamic nature of the industry, quality and durability always play a key role.

Volar manufactures parts and subassemblies, ranging from seat upholstery to acoustic panels, to a range of interior design companies. You may come across our parts in offices, schools and public places. We have both expertise in and understanding of the requirements of design products and public places.

Our production technologies enable a range of solutions for the needs of the interior design industry.

Special vehicle industry

The special vehicle industry focuses on vehicles for special purposes and needs. The vehicles do not generally fit into the categories of traditional passenger cars or commercial transport vehicles.

The needs of the special vehicle industry are well known to Volar—we have years of experience in supplying subassemblies to a whole range of special vehicles. We make plastic parts for them, such as fenders and various panels, and also headliners and seats. The applications are required owing to demanding weather conditions in forests and fields on the one hand, and couriers and golf carts used in cities and golfing greens on the other.

Thanks to our experience, we have a very good idea about the industry requirements in terms of production, enabling us to provide flexible solutions for both technical issues and production methods.

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