Compression molding

Manufacture of PET blanket and other materials using double-sided molds.

We make products according to customers’ specifications. The pieces are finished with 6-axis waterjet cutting robots. Robotic cutting enables a variety of holes and edges accurately and efficiently.

Volar specializes in mass production to meet customer needs. A typical subassembly delivery to an automotive industry customer may include compression molded upholstery for the cabin and other parts in the same colors, made by vacuum forming, that fit the subassembly.

Customers going for superior quality will probably choose aluminum molds. More affordable mold alternatives are also available for prototypes and small batches, for example.

Volar is networked with the leading material suppliers from a number of EU countries. With larger volumes, we can tailor material properties, such as color and specific thickness to meet the customer’s needs. Our experts will help our customer’s designer with questions regarding manufacturability. This will enable us to be successful already with the first prototype round, saving the customer’s time and money.

We can manufacture different-sized series according to each customer’s needs, and deliver globally.

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