3D Scanning

Scanning of customer’s parts, molds and spaces with top-of-the-range scanners.

We perform 3D scanning with our own scanners that are suited for checking the measurements of completed items and/or tools and for making measurement reports upon comparison of the scanned image to the product’s 3D CAD image. 3D scanning is ideal for the production of PPAP documents. We also provide a reverse engineering service by which we take a complete item and scan it to make 3D CAD images.

We have excellent MetraSCAN 350 equipment for 3D scanning: accuracy 0.04 mm, optimum length of item to be scanned 0.2 m to 6 m, volume 16 m3. Longer or larger items can also be 3D scanned if necessary.

Contact us when:

  • You need the exact dimensions of an item or tool
  • You want to know whether an item actually corresponds to a design image (CAD 3D)
  • You need a CAD 3D image of an item

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