Uponor Infra Oy

Uponor Infra Oy

Uponor is one of the leading international players whose solutions move water efficiently and safety in cities, buildings and homes. Uponor provides its customers with a wide selection of durable and safe products for building and infrastructure construction. https://www.uponor.com/fi-fi

Need for contract manufacturer of insulated products

Purvac, a member of the Volar Plastic group, has been a long-term contract manufacturer of insulation kits for the connection of Uponor Ecolex insulation pipes. The collaboration began when Purvac offered the thermoforming technology and reliable specialized expertise needed for the production of insulation packages. After testing for airtightness and durability, insulation packages with components suitable for building services were transferred to Purvac’s production.

An efficient service model from manufacturing to deliveries

The division of labor has been clear from the start: Uponor designs products that Purvac then manufactures to demanding standards. Initially, the products were mainly exported to Germany and Sweden, and later also sold in Finland. Deliveries are served by Purvac’s commercial warehouse in Nastola, where goods are invoiced based on demand. In addition to the commercial warehouse, product deliveries include portal fills according to safety limits and regular orders. A functional combination ensures the reliable delivery of products.

A local presence adds value to collaboration

The partnership has been running smoothly for over ten years now. Purvac is a local supplier for Uponor, and communication between the two is easy. The collaboration has also been smooth due to efficient logistics. With the available systems, Purvac maintains a real-time view of the demand for Uponor products.

The commercial warehouse makes the supply chain more cost-efficient. Additionally, the supplier portal provided by Uponor to Purvac helps ensure product availability and reduces the workload for both parties regarding orders. Uponor is overall satisfied with the smooth operating model, and the partnership will continue.

The key factors are delivery reliability, product quality, and cost efficiency. There have been extremely few quality problems with Purvac.

Jori Rantahakala
Specialist, Sourcing
Uponor Infra Oy

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