ISKU – Nook learning and working den

ISKU – Nook learning and working den

ISKU takes a creative view of working and learning environments—Nook furniture, developed from plastic bottles, is a prime example of this. Made 60% of recycled PET bottles and lightweight felt elements, Nook can be set up quickly and the screen creates a secluded shelter to work or study in. The innovative design has gained international recognition, winning the prestigious GESS Education Award for the best sustainable and ecological product.

Collaboration in felt component manufacture

The cooperation between ISKU and Volar for the manufacture of felt components for the Nook product began in the summer of 2018. ISKU already knew about Volar as a company with plentiful expertise in making felt products. High recycling rate of the material of the ecological product was made a requirement already at the planning stage. Other key considerations were that the contract manufacturer should be Finnish, and indeed local, in order to enable quick and easy product development. Volar easily met these requirements.

Mold from ISKU, production by Volar

Nook was designed by ISKU in response to a customer need. Volar was consulted in the design of the mold at the product’s development stage. The mold was made by ISKU, after which production of the felt components began in Volar’s production plant in Lahti. First, they tested how the product could be compressed to various thicknesses to evaluate the optimal stiffness and surface quality. They also tested different colors and pressing fabrics on the felt surface. This helped to determine the optimal method of manufacture.

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Plenty of expertise in the same company

Volar’s strength is its versatility. The same company has plenty of expertise in felt products, cold foam and vacuum forming. This enables them to offer larger packages, which is a considerable benefit to us as the buyer. We have also been happy with the quality and delivery reliability, and have had no complaints from our customers.

Our collaboration is fluent and solution-oriented.

Isku Yhtymä Oy Petteri Häkkinen (designer) Elise Tarvainen (VP, International Business) Erkki Häkkinen (Purchasing Manager)

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