Avant Tecno Oy

Avant Tecno Oy

Avant Tecno, a machine manufacturer, is a rapidly growing Finnish family-owned company and a market leader in its field. Over 50,000 compact loaders have been manufactured at the Ylöjärvi factory since the company was founded in 1991. The range also includes a wide variety of work machinery and accessories. Most of the products are exported for the needs of earthmoving, property maintenance, agriculture, and landscaping. The group also includes Leguan Lifts and its own sales subsidiaries in the USA, the UK, Germany, and Brazil. https://www.avanttecno.com/fi

Durable plastic components for compact loaders and lifting equipment cost-effectively

At Avant Tecno, partners are carefully selected, and their emphases vary depending on the specific case. The selection of supplier partners depends on several factors, such as the company’s location and size, financial position, references, quality factors, price levels, and production equipment. The focus is on other qualities as well, such as company management. Comprehensive partnership projects include supplier audits to minimize risks and prevent quality and production problems.

A trusted partner also in stock replenishments

The collaboration between Avant Tecno and Purvac began around 2008 with the manufacturing of components for two different series. Production could commence by adapting existing styrofoam molds. As the number of parts increased, the companies introduced cost-effective mold solutions that were best suited for volume production. Currently, Avant’s machine and equipment components are in continuous production.

Purvac manufactures and supplies various plastic components for Avant compact loaders and Leguan person lifts, such as fenders and parts related to various accessories, including mower covers. The available shelving service ensures flexible and fast availability of the required parts. Earlier, the shelving service was significant, but as operations expanded, managing items has become easier with conventional purchases.

Satisfaction with quality and delivery reliability

Manufacturing collaboration has been ongoing for 15 years, with positive results. Parts deliveries proceed smoothly, and quality problems with parts have been extremely minimal. Communication with the contact person works well. The production line for Avant small loaders and lifting equipment is kept running efficiently and smoothly by the team. Collaboration with a familiar supplier partner continues, now under the new Volar brand.

The collaboration works well. Deliveries are smooth, and the quality of the products meets our expectations.

Kimmo Ylälehto
Sourcing Manager
Avant Tecno Oy

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